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Business Development

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This is always a challenge, but for startups and companies aiming for intense, immediate growth, there’s a fine balance between quick wins and laying the foundation that must be maintained — because you’re basically flying the plane while you’re building it. Find the balance between what can be done quickly to have an immediate impact, while also looking beyond quick-wins to establish systems that will enable your success in the long run.

One of the biggest mistakes in business development overall is just trying to attack the quick little things as opposed to focusing on establishing a foundation, which can result in business strategies that are essentially band-aided together.

A solid foundation for business development allows for a number of scalable aspects including your tech stack, your strategy and your team. At MTB Solutions, we like to define it as the right alignment between people, process and platform.

While a quick win could provide with some revenue in the short-term, if you don’t know why it worked and can’t replicate the win at a larger scale, then it’s not helping your overall business growth.